január 23, 2010


Amint láthatjátok, új elemmel bővült az oldalsáv. Lehet szavazni! Most bele lehet kotnyeleskedni a blog külalakjába is.

Ritka alkalom, néhányan már éltek is vele. Aki meg még eddig nem, tegye meg! :-)

I'm afraid Google translator is not able to show the new box on the right side. This is a poll module. The question is: shall I change the photo in the header sometimes? (This is a very important question now ;-)

Possible responses are:

1. Yeeees!

2. It's an idiot Klingon idea!

3. I leave it to the blogger.

Let's play together! Please, come to the Hungarian version of this blog and vote! :-)

7 megjegyzés:

  1. I like to change up my headers sometimes just to make things more interesting... but not very often. And I will usually go back to the one I like most and leave it up most of the time. So, really, if you have another interesting variation, post it and see how people like it! You can always change back.

  2. Thanks for your vote, Frederick! :-)

    I agree with you. I have some more nice pictures but I don't want to change them every day or every week, just sometimes.

  3. Wind of Change, ala ST Feeling :D

  4. Wind of Change? A link for that wonderful song:


    I love Scorpions! :-D

  5. Scorpions is the best German band :D

  6. This is one of the best band on the world! (But let's go back to the Star Trek, please :-)