február 20, 2010


Tegnap találtam, néhányat elhoztam nektek Spock dalaiból:

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  1. Én becsülettel felvállalom, és bevallom, hogy ez nekem nem tetszik.

  2. Semmi baj. Én meg szerelmes vagyok Mr. Nimoy-ba, úgyhogy majd alkalomadtán még teszek föl ilyen dalocskákat tőle. Nekem tetszenek.

  3. I enjoy them, not from a standpoint of "Is it good music or singing by current standards?" but because hearing them takes me back to when I bought the records in the 70's.

    Thanks for posting them!

  4. Fred, I often want to fly back to the 70's to see how was the life in US. I know it only from movies :-)

    Oh, lately I got a wonderful news, Bill Shatner is going to come to London Film and Comic Con in this July! Captain Kirk will be only ours for a few days! I'm so excited... I'm going to be there, of course, and I can meet him... This is a great honour for me, I daren't believe it, you know, this was one of my biggest dream in my life. Tears come to my eyes when I think about it.

  5. We hope you will not forget to take your camera so that we can see a lot of photos illustrating your minutely detailed account of the event here on Star Trek Feeling. :)
    If I could choose only one person to meet in person, it would be Ray Harryhausen, but if I had the chance to name five, Bill Shatner would definitely be among them, so I can catch your excitement all too well.
    And to be ON-topic as well: I just love these Nimoy-songs.

  6. "One person to meet in person", de ügyeske vagyok, ez volt az első és utolsó alkalom, hogy angolul kommenteltem... :)))

  7. Peti, this is not question, of course I'm going to take everything, camera and gifts for Bill and my soul... then you're going to get a very very nice entry here :-)

    Why don't you come to London to meet Bill? He will be 79 but he can come here from LA. You're (a little bit :-P) younger and this will be just a weekend but an unforgettable weekend with Bill I suppose. If I were you I don't miss it.

    (Műfordítók gyöngye, te! :-D Don't worry, mi itt Londonban mindent megértünk, ami csak egy kicsit is emlékeztet az angolra :-P No meg ha megnézegeted az én hibáimat, a te elírásod azokhoz képest fasorban nincs. Én nyertem! ;-)

  8. 1) Nekem a salgótarjáni HungaroConra is hónapokig kell gazsulálnom, hogy elmehessek, milyen London Film and Comic Con. De az biztos, hogy unforgettábilis víkend lesz!

    2) A don't-os feltételes mód használatával, Andi, kiütéssel! :) :P

  9. :-PPPPP
    Jössz te még az én utcámba! :-P :-D